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Ranking Committee Meeting

April 17, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CDT

The Rankings Committee will be having our first meeting with Team Contacts to discuss the new seeding process on April 17th at:

8:00PM Eastern

7PM Central

6PM Mountain

5PM Pacific


All teams are being asked to attend, please have your Point of Contact (POC) be a coach or somebody who is very knowledgeable of the game.  Please keep your attendees to a minimum.

The following is what has been approved by the Tournament Committee.

Seeding for 2019:

The goal was to make a recommendation to the Tournament Committee of a process to improve the seeding for the World Series.
The tournament format of the World Series, which seeding is a part of, is a responsibility of the Tournament Committee.  There are no Rules or Bylaws that govern the tournament format, but any changes are usually briefed to the Board of Directors at the Spring Board Meeting.  An example of this is when we went to the snake seeding process for pool play.

Why do we need a new seeding process?

All teams that participate in the World Series should have the fairest opportunity to finish as high as they can in the final standings as possible.

What is wrong with the current process?

By just using the results of the previous year’s World Series with new teams seeded in order of entry, this can lead to Pools being seeded with too many strong or weak teams.  This then carries into the Double Elimination Tournament with brackets being unequally balanced.

The following steps are a starting point for a way forward:

  1. All Registered NBBA teams can have a participant for seeding.  They would participate in meetings to discuss game/tournament results, roster changes, returning teams, and new teams.
  2. Only teams entered in the World Series and who have participated in the previous three (3) or three (3) of the previous five (5) World Series will have voting privileges to determine seeding.  A seeding meeting will be held after the July 1 entry deadline at the latest date possible so that maximum input can be used for seeding.  This date will be determined by the Ranking Committee.
  3. Start with teams seeded from the results of the previous year’s World Series.

    4.  Use results of current season’s games/tournaments for seeding adjustments.  A form will be made available to Team Contacts to provide input from games played.  Periodic conference calls will take place to discuss these results.

    5.  Use results from previous World Series for returning teams to make adjustments.  Rosters for these teams should be taken into consideration to ensure that they are likely to play at the same level.

    6.  New teams that don’t have game/tournament results to base seeding on will be seeded by entry date.

    7.  Seeding will be determined by World Series participants who meet the criteria in point 2 by placing teams from 1 to the maximum number of teams.  Seeding totals will be accumulated and divided by the number of teams that participated in seeding.  This number will vary by 1 for those teams with a seeding participant.  Teams will not be allowed to seed their own team.  It is recommend that the team seeding point of contact be either the coach or someone with extensive knowledge of participating teams.


Taking part in the Conference Call:

The Ranking Committee is holding an all Team Contacts conference call for World Series Seeding.

Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time: (All times shown are in US Time Zones)

8PM Eastern

7PM Central

6PM Mountain

5PM Pacific


Join the chat from your smart phone:

First, download the Zoom conference app from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Open the Zoom app.

Locate and press the “Join” button.

Enter the access code: 999 599 408

Press “Join.”

Note: When using your smart phone, either use headphones or locate the “Mute” button when you enter the room.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the app prior to entering the room.

Dial in by phone:

Phone: 646.558.8656

Access code: 999 599 408



Access code: 999 599 408


Please direct all questions regarding this email and conference call to ranking@nbba.org




April 17, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CDT
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